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The designation "the first and the last" is applied to Jehovah (Isaiah 44:6;  Isaiah 48:12).  It is applied to Christ in Revelation 1:17 and Revelation 2:8!  God and Christ are both "ALPHA and OMEGA" (Revelation 21: 6 and  Revelation 22:13).  Jehovah is designated "LORD OF LORDS" in Deuteronomy  10:17 and Psalm 136:1-3.  Christ is designated in the same way in Revelation 17:14 and Revelation 19:16.  Perhaps the most telling of all is that Jehovah referred to Himself as "I AM" in Exodus 3:14 and Jesus Christ said of Himself, "Before Abraham was, I AM" (John 8: 58).  Surely the angel was right when he told Joseph, "they shall call His name  Immanuel, which is, being interpreted, GOD WITH US" (Matthew 1: 23).    Matthew Carver

Jesus is God