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Gun violence continues. From the internet I learned that in 2017 there were 117 people in America killed by mass shootings and another 587 people injured. Mass shootings include any shootings involving four or more victims. Today 1 in 3 Americans knows someone who has been shot.

Many solutions to these tragedies have been suggested. Some feel that stricter gun laws would prevent certain criminals and unstable persons from obtaining guns. We should make it harder to obtain guns. Others suggest more diligent law enforcement of gun ownership laws and the outlawing of military style weapons altogether. Other deterrents have been suggested such as metal detectors in schools and social gatherings, armed guards and associates placed strategically, and better counseling of troubled individuals.

As one lady who lost her son at Columbine stated in an interview, perhaps the real problem is, "why do we wish to harm one another?"

Winnie Christensen in her book, Caught With My Hands Full, told about an experiment conducted by the American Bible Society some time ago. In Chicago they chose a five-block area in a district with the highest crime rate. They flooded the area with 7,000 gospels of John and enclosed an offer for anyone to send for a free copy of Luke or the entire New Testament for twenty-five cents. They received 200 requests for the New Testament. Later the district police captain informed them that the crime rate had dropped drastically in one month's time. This same experiment was conducted in another area with similar results.

In all my reading of suggestions and remedies of the problem of gun violence, not one person mentioned the remedy most needed in our world today - God's Word!

Larry Albritton

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